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 was created by Lynn Hinderliter, CN, LDN in 1996. It is the online web presence to a small town storefront, named Middle Earth, that was established in 1979.  She began her work in the Natural Health field in the early 70s.  She fiercely advocated whole, organic foods, harmonious living, understanding the deeper processes of the body and looking to find natural, non-intrusive remedies for illness and disease.   She was called Vitamin Lady by customers and town-folk.  The name stuck and became the inspiration for her online business.  She wrote over 100 health related articles which are available to view here.

We work hard to continue her legacy in the natural health industry, follow us on facebook.  We are passionate about providing the best vitamin and minerals supplements at discount prices.  We only carry products by the very best manufactures in the industry. Our product line is backed up by the manufactures with customer satisfaction guarantees.

Supplements is the generic name for vitamins, minerals and herbs that can be taken to supplement your diet.  It can be difficult to get enough of the vitamins and minerals you need each day from your food consumption.  Vitamins and minerals effect a variety of areas of your health including healthy bone support, immune support, blood and heart health, healthy growth and organ support, proper metabolism, support your nervous system, balance hormones, enzymes for proper digestions and cell reproduction.

Vitamins are organic substances that come from plants or animals.  There are two categories; Fat-Soluble because they can be stored in your body by being dissolved in fat.  Fat-Soluble vitamins include A, D, E and K.  Water-soluble need to be dissolved in water before they can be absorbed into the body.  Your body can not store these types and any unused water-soluble vitamins pass through your system.  Water-soluble vitamins include B and C, so you need to replenish your water-soluble vitamins every day through a multivitamin or additional Vit B Complex and Vit C supplements.

Minerals are inorganic elements that are absorbed by plants and animals from the soil and water.  Your body needs a variety of minerals to remain healthy such as calcium, copper, chromium, iodine, selenium, iron, and zinc.  If you are not getting enough of the minerals you need in your system through food consumption, you may need to supplement your diet.

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