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by Lynn Hinderliter CN, LDN

Dr.  Arthur F. Coca, a renowned physician, developed the Coca Pulse Test for allergy elimination over 40 years ago.  It is a simple yet extremely effective and inexpensive way to identify foods or substances to which a person may be allergic, sensitive or intolerant.

Although the Coca test is simple, it requires the complete co-operation of the person involved.  Foods to which you are intolerant are stressful to your organism and will reveal themselves  by speeding up your pulse.  Laboratory tests which are actually less accurate than this method can cause thousands of dollars! 

Through this test, Dr. Coca was able to address a large number of symptoms and conditions by identifying and eliminating from the diet, foods to which the person was intolerant.

As health recovery proceeds, some foods to which a person has sensitivity may be re-introduced in moderation using the pulse to monitor their acceptability.   Understanding and using the test as a tool can help you throughout your life to be free from the ill effects of eating foods that are not right for you.  Dr. Coca wrote a book called The Pulse Test which gives more details, and can be purchased through (Link in RESOURCES at right)

For 3 days you will be taking your pulse 14 times per day.

  • Once before you get out of bed

  •  once before each meal

  •  3 times after each meal at 30 minute intervals

  •  and finally, just before you go to bed.

All pulses should be taken sitting, except the important one upon waking.  Write down your results, and record what you eat at each meal.  For best accuracy, avoid snacks, but if you succumb make a note of what you ate.

It is extremely important that you take a full 1 minute pulse:  do not take a 15 second one and multiply by 4!  Accuracy is all important here.  Do not smoke during the 3 day test, as smoking affects results.  This test may not work if you are taking a medical drug to control your heart rate, such as a beta-blocker.


You can characterize your pulse as follows: 

  1. The daily low pulse rate.  Normally this will be your waking rate, unless you are sleeping on something you are allergic to!

  2. Note the highest and lowest pulse on each day.  The maximum normal range difference is 16 beats.  If your rate is higher than this, you are allergic to something.

  3. Once you have your average pulse, and your differential ( the difference between the daily low and high rates), anything that causes you to vary from that is suspect. 

  4. Therefore, taking your pulse after each meal will enable you to tell whether something in your diet is increasing your pulse rate, indicating sensitivity.

  5. A routine of eliminating elements of that meal, and testing again, will enable you to identify the guilty substance.

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