About Me

Vitamin Lady At Middle Earth® – A Sacred Legacy Continues

About Me –  Vitamin Lady At Middle Earth® website was created by Lynn Hinderliter, CN, LDN in 1996.  Lynn began her work in the Natural Health field in the early 70s. She fiercely advocated whole, organic foods, harmonious living, and understanding the deeper processes of the body. She believed in the importance of finding natural, non-intrusive remedies for illness and disease whenever possible. She was called “Vitamin Lady At Middle Earth®” by customers and town-folk. Her research led her to create a large body of work, including authorship of over 100 health related articles.

New Ownership, Same Commitment

Photo of Cindy Mitchell, Owner of The Vitamin Lady http://vitaminlady.com

My name is Cindy Mitchell, the proud new owner. I am committed to honoring the sacred legacy and trust Lynn Hinderliter worked so hard to cultivate with her customers. I am passionate in researching all my products and evaluating their safety and effectiveness. With so many natural ways we can each help ourselves fight off illness and disease, it is important that we take our health seriously and fight off whatever we may come in contact with. My vision is nurturing the body, mind, and soul.

Continuing Lynn’s legacy in the natural health industry, you’ll find tips, suggestions, and product on this site and also on facebook. I work diligently to provide the highest quality vitamin and mineral supplements at discount prices. I only carry products by the very best manufactures in the industry. My product line is backed up by the manufacturers with customer satisfaction guarantees.

Your privacy is safe with Vitamin Lady At Middle Earth® – I do not share your info with others. I am a longtime Member of the Natural Products Association (formerly NNFA), Guardian of Quality & Arbiter of Claims.

Vitamin Lady At Middle Earth® has had an Internet presence since 1996, but my store is a locally-owned and operated storefront on the beautiful historic downtown square in Macomb, Illinois, home of Western Illinois University. I serve the needs of my local customers while also managing our online store. When you call me, you’ll speak to the same person each time, and after a few calls, we’ll get to know each other – and your needs for empowering you to live your best, healthiest life.

To learn more about me, contact me via email at: customerservice.vitaminlady.com or connect with me via social media! Check out all of your options for contacting and connecting with me on my contact page.