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These articles offer commonsense suggestions for alternative health care.  They support a responsible and natural approach to
health and taking care of one’s own body holistically.  These articles were written by Lynn Hinderliter, a Certified Nutritionist and State Licensed Nutritional Counselor.

This information should never override the advice of your Medical Professional.

Guest articles by Dr. Lindsey Duncan on Constipation – Weight LossChronic FatigueNoni

Articles were written by Lynn Hinderliter

5 HTP– L-Tryptophan and Beyond

ADD/ADHD – the diet connection

Acid Alkaline Balance – balancing your pH

Acid/Alkaline Foods – eating for pH balance

Adrenal Glands and Stress – the connection

Aging Youthfully – Getting Older – Staying Younger

Antioxidants – Alpha Lipoic Acid

Allergies – how to control them naturally

Antioxidants – their importance to health

Arthritis – joint problems helped nutritionally

Aspirin – natural blood thinners

Asthma –  breathe without fear

Ayurveda – centuries old health system

Beta-carotene – 14 CARROT ADVICE

Bladder problems – diet and supplement connection

Blood Types – a synopsis of their health effects

Bowel Irregularity – constipation and health

Breast Cancer – strategies to avoid the scourge

Breastfeeding – baby’s best start in life

Beyond probiotics – HSOs – primal defense

The Budwig Diet – dietary approach to cancer

Calcium Pyruvate – Pyruvate Health Benefits

Cancer – the Vitamin lady’s experience

Cancer – Strategies to avoid it

Cancer Supplement Regimen of Lynn

Candida Albicans –  control of yeast infections

Carnitine – the many health properties of L-Carnitine

Caveat Emptor – dangers of buying for price only

Chitin/Chitosan – a very special fiber

Cholesterol – natural ways to balance cholesterol

CLA – research on  conjugated linoleic acid

A Simple Cleansing Fast – a time to Clean, a time to Fast

Cleansing through Sweat – Working Up A Sweat

Children’s Health – raising healthy children naturally

Coca Pulse Test – simple allergy assessment

Co-enzyme Q10 – the health properties of CoQ10

Colostrum – the immune support supplement

Creatine – research and uses

Depression – nutritional support & helpful strategies

The Dandelion – importance of a humble herb

Detoxification – health through cleansing

DHEA – research and uses

Ear Infections – natural help for ear infections

Energy – a multi factorial natural approach

Essential Fatty Acids – the right fats for health

Eyes –  natural  support for healthy vision

Fasting – a time to Clean, a time to Fast

Feast and Famine – a balanced approach to dieting

Fiber – the importance of fiber to health

Fibromyalgia – help for a complex problem

Flu & Cold Fighters – natural ways to beat the flu

Garlic – humble but mighty health support

Ginseng – application of different kinds of ginseng

Green Tea – its importance to health

Healthy Diet –  supporting health with food

Heart Health – a natural program to support the heart

Herbal Perils – what to watch out for

High Blood Pressure – priming the pump

Homocysteine – a risk factor & its control

How it all Began – Lynn’s road to nutrition

Immunity – strategies to stay healthy

Inflammation – cause of many disease states

Intestinal Health – the basis of health

Insomnia – the best of rest

Insulin Resistance – balancing blood sugar

IP6 and Cancer – important news about cancer

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – the bowels of hell

Kava Kava – a balanced view

Libido – sex as a natural act

The Liver – its importance to our health

Lysine – the sore loser

Magnesium  – review of a very important nutrient

Melatonin –  more than a sleep aid!

Memory – how to support it naturally

Menopause – Natural Support for Menopause

(Migraine) Headache addressing headaches naturally

MS – a comprehensive approach

MSM – a comprehensive review

Noni Fruit – by Dr. Lindsey Duncan

Osteoporosis – importance of bone health

Olive Leaf – an amazing volatile herb

OPCs –  Resveratrol and Pycnogenol

Pain – a multi-factorial approach

pH Factor – balancing acid alkaline

PMS – no more cursing!

Probiotics – a definition

Propolis – what we owe the bees

Prostate Problem – the Curse of Adam

Psoriasis – opening the envelope

Rotation Diet – a quick guide

Selenium – importance of Selenium to health

Silica – lecture for CNs

Stress and the Adrenals – the connection

Sucralose (Splenda) containing foods

Sulfur/Disease Connection – Cellular Health

Summer Health – Bugs, Sun and Vitamin D

Tocotrienols – a new look at Vitamin E

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Vitamin C –  importance of Vitamin C to health

Vitamin E –  importance of Vitamin E to health

Weight Control – eating for balance

Yoghurt Making – simple yoghurt making

Zinc –  importance of Zinc to health

This section contains articles written by Lynn Hinderliter for the Newsletter she publish on a regular basis, and which she revised as new information becomes available through Sept 2010. Of course, while she relied on published research, much of this was her own opinion and should always be conditional on your Doctor’s advice and consent.  Some are in depth, some are merely informative.  Please feel free to print, share, comment on or otherwise enjoy them. It is hard, if not impossible, to keep up with the sheer volume of knowledge that comes out every day about Natural Health. She tried to do the reading so you don’t have to, and bring judgment to bear on what works & what doesn’t. You will find no outrageous claims or purple prose here, only moderation & commonsense.