How is the Vitamin Lady dealing with Cancer? – Lynn’s Cancer Experience Lynn Cancer Experience
by Lynn Hinderliter CN, LDN

2005 – the journey begins – 2006 BIG mistake 2007 things get seriousand FINALLY, some good news Cancer Experience

When I discovered in September 2005 that a CT scan had detected a large tumor in my abdomen,  my first re-action was “where do I turn”?  I find this ironic, since of all people you would think I would have the process at my finger tips.  This kind of news, however, is overwhelming: knowing that whether at this point one chooses the correct path will determine life or death, can focus the mind wonderfully. Cancer Experience

One thing I have noticed, as I research on the Internet, is how few people who have successfully challenged cancer seems to post their experience so others can be helped.  Please, if you have succeeded in this battle – do as I am doing and document it, so others can learn from your mistakes, and benefit from your triumphs. Cancer Experience

The first lesson I learned is that I should have gone to the Doctor to discuss some of my symptoms years ago:  but they were so minor, I didn’t think it worth while.  Just think, I could have been worrying about Cancer for 20 extra years! A little joke, that was: but I think that this growth started all of that long ago.  If we had caught it sooner, I could have begun this fight while the enemy was still quite small … Cancer Experience

What could have caused it?  I have to choose stress as a causative factor. The extremely large tumor is in my abdomen, not involving the liver or the pancreas, but impinging on the aorta.  I have always internalized stress, actually feeling that area tense and clench up whenever things are out of tune. I do all the things I mention in my article on Preventing Cancer, to which I must attribute the fact that it took the tumor so long to grow, and life went on as normal during the process. Cancer Experience

This is interesting, too   –“… An estimated 10 to 30 percent of the (polio) vaccine given to humans between 1955 and 1963 was contaminated with the ( cancer causing SV40 monkey) virus, exposing between 10 to 30 million Americans.” Cancer Experience

According to a CNN article, there is strong evidence that simian virus-40 (SV40) “… results in a number of rare cancers including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma” and Cancer Experience

It has been known since 1960 that early doses of polio vaccine were widely contaminated with simian virus 40, or SV40, which infects macaque monkeys. Tens of millions of people in the US and an unknown number in other countries, including the UK, Australia and the former Soviet Union, may have been exposed prior to 1963. Cancer Experience

source: New Scientist –

I received my polio vaccine in the UK in app. 1955 Cancer Experience

It is also apparent that people with blood type A, which I have, are at increased risk for developing cancer. Cancer Experience

What took me to the Doctor eventually was a lack of energy:  I would get up in the morning, and a few hours later, would find myself irresistibly drawn back to my bed for more sleep.  In the evenings, instead of working on my latest tapestry, I would fall asleep in my chair.  I thought perhaps I had Chronic Fatigue, or some liver problem.  I asked my Doctor to palpate my liver, and when he did, he looked very grave and sent me off immediately for a CT scan. Cancer Experience

What they found is what the radiologist – technical jargon deserting him in his surprise! – termed a “huge ” tumor measuring 15 by 6 1/2 cm in my abdomen, along with “multiple” lymph nodes measuring more than 1 cm.  My dear Doctor – whom I counseled lo! these many years ago for his diabetes, when he was a student – came to my house in person to deliver the bad news. Cancer Experience

My initial reaction was ridiculous:  I thought, well thank goodness!  There’s actually something wrong with me, and I’m not just becoming lazy.  That soon passed, and a feeling of helplessness overwhelmed me.  I can only too easily see how simple it would be at this stage to just put oneself in the hands of the “experts”, and say – “take care of me”. Cancer Experience

However, I fortunately did have a base of knowledge, and the first decision I made was not to have a biopsy.  (  The diagnosis on the CT scan was “probable lymphoma”, and by not having the biopsy I am probably laying myself open to the eventual charge that it wasn’t cancer at all.  Be that as it may, I know that the chances of having cancer seeded elsewhere in the body from even a tiny needle biopsy is estimated to be as high as 50%. Cancer Experience

I had also immediately determined that I would not be going the conventional route for cancer, and therefore, while it might be important for the Doctors to know precisely what kind of cancer was involved, for me it made no difference. Cancer Experience

If you want a good (but wry) laugh, this is why I chose not to go the conventional route. As you continue to read, you will be amazed at
what you discover about cancer tumors. Cancer Experience

It is now February  2008.  I do not know what my quality of life would be like now had I chosen to follow the allopathic cancer treatment. What  I do know is that I look and feel fine, and have had no reason to regret my choice.  I continue to work, walk the dogs 2 to 3 miles a day, and live a normal life.  I recently returned from an 850 mile each way driving trip with no repercussions.   I turned 71 in March 2008. Cancer Experience

Back in 2005, my first step was to discuss with my husband how we should react to this news.  My proposal was to take a 3 month period, implement all the therapies I chose, and then check our results and make further decisions based on that.   Fortunately, I have a supportive and unique husband, who also works along with me here at our business! Cancer Experience

I then read an excellent book called Cancer Free ( by Bill Henderson, which pulls together, discusses and critiques ALL the natural therapies available, so you can make your choice. I did this to validate my choices, because it became obvious to me early on that there are many, many people out there who are only trying to make money from desperate cancer sufferers. 

This is what I did for the first 3 months: Cancer Experience

These are the changes to my routine I made in May of 2007 Cancer Experience

It was not easy.  I kept thinking “if this doesn’t work, what does it say about my lifetime of advocating for natural medicine?”.  Also, since I cannot see the tumor, I had no means of knowing whether I was wasting my time while it grew aggressively. Cancer Experience

It was also practically difficult.  The diet involved considerable change to my routine, giving up my one cup of coffee a day, becoming a quasi-vegetarian, and cutting out all comforting sources of sweetness. Cancer Experience

Every day I had to reaffirm my conviction that this would help, that I am getting better, that the tumor is shrinking. Fortunately, I did not experience the depression that some people understandably feel, nor the fear.  Perhaps being so busy helped:  after all, if I wasn’t eating some concoction, juicing,  or swallowing some supplements – I was doing the dishes: you would not believe how many dirty dishes this generated.  Taking care of business, and having 2 Irish Wolfhound puppies in the house took care of any time I had left over! Cancer Experience

This is the time when I began to investigate the connection between thought, character, spirituality and Cancer. What is increasingly being called “Mind/Body Medicine.” I added daily meditation and Yoga Breathing to my regimen, and began to make a genuine effort to overcome the impatience which I know is my main character flaw. Cancer Experience

At no point, funnily enough, did I consider myself “sick”.  More and more I find reference to the fact that people who take charge of their health in these circumstances, and have a positive outlook, are more likely to defeat the disease.   I continued to work, walk with the dogs 2 to 3 miles a day, and forget about the tumor most of the time. Cancer Experience

I also reached out online, and was startled to find  legions of people offering methods for “curing cancer”.  I joined a Group on Yahoo  for people using the Budwig Protocol – it helped me through the first few weeks, very  supportive. However,  it is run by a Dictator.  He barred me from the list when I most needed support, because he doubted that I really had cancer: it was suggested I was pretending to have cancer to lure the group to my website. I made the mistake of referring someone to my article on CoQ10, but was given no opportunity to explain, nor any second chance.  Cancer Experience

However, if you are in this situation, I recommend contacting them and joining the group:  it is comforting to communicate with other people in the same boat! Cancer Experience

In December 2005, after enduring 2 return visits to the Doctor during which, as I say, he glumly informed me he thought the tumor was growing, I had another CT scan. I was relieved and delighted to find there was progress (or should I say REgress?),  grudgingly confirmed by the Radiologist who termed it “minimal improvement”.  The main tumor has shrunk by 1/2 centimeter, and all the other enlarged lymph nodes, which had previously been in the danger range, were now under 1 centimeter.  Cancer Experience

It is not often that an untreated tumor shrinks over a 3 month period. One friend I was discussing this with said “I think that’s what they call partial remission“.  I consider this hopeful. Cancer Experience

In July 2006, having read a great deal about impressive results achieved with Low dose Naltrexone  (  I began to take the prescription at 4.5 mg daily.  Here we come to the part where I prove I am fallibly human.  Cancer Experience

Having given over my condition to a prescription drug, even though it was at almost homeopathic dosage, I fell away from my diet and supplement program.  I was not taking all the supplements I originally designed for my self, I stopped juicing daily, I began to allow wine and sugar to creep back into my diet.  I paid the price. In view of my experience, I cannot recommend LDN for cancer, though many people have experienced good results using it for MS.

In April of 2007,  it became obvious to me that the tumor was growing.  While I still felt good, as stated above, continued to walk the dogs, work, garden and carry on as before – I could feel a change in the tumor:  in a way I am lucky to have it right there in my abdomen where if I stretch out, I can feel it quite clearly.  It was no longer just in my abdomen right under my sternum, but was stretching down into my groin area.  Cancer Experience

In May, I sent off for Dr. Navarro’s HCG test , which came back not amazingly high, strangely enough,  but suspicious.

At this point, my Doctor was very anxious to see what was going on with the tumor, and wanted me to take another CT scan.. This I refused to do, based on the knowledge that the amount of radiation involved in one of these is truly health threatening.  A CAT scan of the abdomen is the equivalent of 500 times the dose of 1 chest X-ray! Cancer Experience

He then scheduled me for an MRI, which confirmed my worst fears – here is the report I received: Cancer Experience

The mass is larger than previous and now measures 18.5 x 8.3 x 15.0cm.  It surrounds the aorta and now ‘lifts and displaces the inferior vena cava (IVC) far anteriorly up to the right abdominal wall’ (main vein that brings blood back to the heart).  ‘The IVC is markedly stretched and displaced and compressed at various points in the abdomen’ but is patent.   A small amount of soft tissue material is present within the lumen of the IVC.  This implies tumor involvement into the IVC and implies the possibility of metastasis to other areas of the body. The mass extends into the right kidney and the right kidney is displaced laterally…the right renal artery is markedly stretched. Cancer Experience

It has taken me several weeks to come to terms with what has happened, but the last week or so has been taken up with planning my course forward.  Cancer Experience

In fact, the June 2007 newsletter had  news that was pretty gloomy:  I decided jokingly that I had a highly nutrition resistant form of cancer, and the tumor had grown despite all the careful dietary rules, and the many, many supplements. Cancer Experience

Then, as validation of the “nutrition resistant ” theory, interesting new research I encountered showed that tumors resist any effort to overcome them through immune system support, by shedding cells called exosomes which induce the death (apoptosis) of  the immune warriors raised to fight them. My take is that all the things I did to strengthen the immune system certainly strengthened the organism (me), but could not defeat the enemy within which grew stronger as it grew bigger. Cancer Experience

Tumour-derived exosomes or microvesicles: another mechanism of tumour escape from the host immune system? Cancer Experience

This changed the elements of my attack considerably. Cancer Experience

  • First, it became evident that unless I could shrink the tumor significantly, I would continue to lose the battle.
  • Second, a method of denying the tumor what it needed to grow had to be found.
  • Third,  an attack on the organisms produced by the tumor had to be mounted.
  • Fourth, the immune system needed to be continually defended and strengthened.

Accordingly, these are my plans.  Cancer Experience

  • enroll for the Insulin Potentiated Therapy –  to shrink the tumor –

  • Implement the Controlled Amino Acid Therapy  program – to starve the cancer

  • buy a Rife type zapper called Terminator – to hopefully zap the immune system enemy –

  • in conjunction with careful diet and supplements – to support the immune system

  • add coffee enemas for detoxification.

I was delighted to find  that a true pioneer of low dose chemotherapy lives and practices in Chicago, a mere 4 hour drive from me.  Cancer Experience

There is a distinction between Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT) (,  and low dose chemo as offered by some allopathic physicians.  The conventional procedure uses the same drugs as ordinary chemo, simply in lower doses. It has even been suggested that using this approach may cause the cancer to become resistant to chemotherapy, and perhaps even return.  No-one knows for sure. Cancer Experience

IPT, in contrast,  takes advantage of the fact that all cancer cells have multiple insulin receptors to piggy back VERY low doses of the chemo straight into the cells when those receptors have been opened, where it has the effect of poisoning the cancer without any serious side effects to the patient. Less is, in effect more – a very elegant solution to the problem of how to kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

In the time between the beginning of June and now, July 2007, I have continued with the CAAT (Controlled Amino Therapy) program, the recommended diet and supplements that go with that plan (I started this in May), the Rife machine, and the detoxification with coffee enemas.

BUT I also finally followed my own link, which ironically had been on my website all along, and began the Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy. Cancer Experience

While I have serious reservations about much of what conventional medicine does (and particularly the politics of it) I also feel it is folly not to avail oneself of the discoveries that have been made, if they can help. This method of attacking cancer cells without harming healthy cells I consider to be an example of the best in modern medicine.

At this point, half way through July and 4 treatments into a 6 treatment cycle, the tumor has been reduced to a pale shadow of its original size, a fact that has  now been confirmed by an MRI which shows it has shrunk by over 40%.

And as promised – NO side effects – nada – zero – zilch. Cancer Experience
The hair, such as it is, is still here. No nausea, no chills, no vomiting, no weakness. Nothing negative at all.

Here is the main web site for Insulin Potentiated Therapy ( I spent quite a few hours cruising there and following their links, and once again I am amazed at how a therapy with so much potential has received so little attention from the Medical mainstream.

I wish that anyone diagnosed with cancer had this information at their disposal, so that their first choice (and let’s face it, the harsher alternatives will still be out there should IPT for some reason fail) could be a therapy with a high success rate, but without the extreme consequences of conventional chemo and radiation. Cancer Experience

I also find it illuminating that many of the allopathic physicians who pooh-pooh it, do so because its success rate of over 60% cannot be documented. Even if it were HALF that, at 30% it would still be a slap in the face to the 4% or so that conventional chemotherapy can claim. Cancer Experience

You will find a listing of Doctors at the main link who can perform this therapy, and if you need one I wish you the good fortune I had, to find one really near you. Cancer Experience

Wherever you may be , consider Dr. Ayre of Chicago; he has 30 years of experience with this therapy, and I cannot recommend him too highly. Here is his web site Cancer Experience

A compassionate and sensitive physician, Dr. Ayre was so affected by the sufferings of patients on conventional anti-cancer regimens that as long ago as the 1970s he began searching for the acceptable alternative he knew must exist.  When he found the originator of IPT, Dr. Perez in Mexico, he left his cozy practice at considerable sacrifice to himself professionally and personally, to study this approach. He is arguably the most experienced administrator of IPT in the US. Cancer Experience

At that time, over 30 years ago, while the evidence existed that IPT was effective, the science explaining its success was non-existent:  Dr. Ayre put a scientific face to the procedure, and has already made presentations to the NIH (National Institute of Health ) in Washington, with another visit scheduled for October.  In fact, if our MRI shows what we expect it to show, I may form part if his presentation!! Cancer Experience

I found a therapy called  Controlled Amino Acid Therapy (CAAT) which in my opinion, offers a great deal of promise for starving a cancer. Cancer Experience

CAAT is an amino acid and carbohydrate deprivation therapy, using scientifically formulated amino acids, that arrests the growth of tumors and causes them to regress by altering or impairing the development of cancer cells. It is a six-to-eight month course of therapy that enhances chemotherapy and/or radiation, as well as lessening their toxic effects. CAAT, which can be taken in the comfort of one’s home, has also been proven to be effective alone.

I do not entirely understand why it is not better known, though the lead researcher, Angelo John, son of the originator of the program, tells me it is as simple as not having enough money.  Cancer Experience

Well, I can certainly relate to that:  anyone who comes up with a way to address cancer that is simple and relatively inexpensive, is probably going to have trouble raising money!  THEY ARE LOOKING FOR SUPPORT AND DONATIONS – you can support this non-profit here.

I began to implement that, together with the careful diet the system requires which limits carbohydrates, sugars, and proteins to support the therapy.  Cancer Experience

My first step was to contact my Life Insurance company to organize what used to be called “Accelerated Death Benefit”, but is now more tastefully known as “Living Needs”. The power of words!  Some of you may not know this, but if your physician determines that your condition may be terminal within a year, many policies have a clause which allows you to withdraw a percentage of your interest in the policy without penalty, to use as you wish:  this means ANY therapy you choose. And it does not have to be repaid.  For other options, see Financial help for cancer patients. Cancer Experience

Unfortunately for me,  since allopathic oncologists considers lymphoma of my type highly curable with conventional chemotherapy, my plea to have the money made available for alternative therapies fell on deaf ears.  Nor do Medicare or Insurance Agencies generally pay for alternative therapies. To fund the expensive treatment, I will have to take out a loan on my policy. Cancer Experience

If you have any questions I can answer for you, please use the link at the top of the page.  Cancer Experience

The least expensive and best non-invasive way to monitor whether one is beating cancer or not.

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