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What is NoNonini?

Noni is an evergreen tree reaching heights of 15 to 20 feet. The prolific noni tree bears fruit year round. It grows and flourishes in tropical, volcanic regions such as Tahiti and Hawaii. The volcanic soil contains very high concentrations of minerals and nutrients. These minerals and nutrients are more powerful and nutritious than what most of us experience in our diet over an entire lifetime.

Therein lies Noni’s healing strength. The fruit juice has a very powerful, pungent taste and smell. Everything about Noni is STRONG, including it’s medicinal effect on the human body. Noni has been used as a healing and medicinal plant for over 2,000 years by ancient cultures. Its healing and restorative powers to the human body are legendary. It is akin to “gold” in the South Pacific and is quickly gaining the same reputation in countries all over the world.

Noni’s broad proliferation gives testimony of its value to traditional cultures

Indigenous to Southeast Asia, Noni was domesticated and cultivated by Polynesians, first in Tahiti and the Marquesas, and eventually in the Hawaiian Islands. Today, Noni grows in most regions of the South Pacific, India, the Caribbean, South America and the West Indies.

Noni’s broad proliferation gives testimony of its value to traditional cultures. Historically, it was known as the “queen” of all the canoe plants: sacred plants that Polynesians were required to take when settling in a new island. Some canoe plants were used for clothing, some for shelter. Noni was used to treat health problems both minor and major. This requirement to carry a Noni tree to each newly inhabited island could be compared to being required to carry water if we were going to attempt to cross the desert. It was a vital necessity.

Noni contains a powerful compound called Damnacanthal

Research has shown that Damnacanthal may have potent health enhancing capabilities.

Noni aslo contains Scopoletin, a powerful ingredient that is known to bind with Serotonin, which is found in the brain, the blood and the cells of the mucous membranes. Scopoletin helps to reduce high blood pressure by virtue of dilating blood vessels. It is believed that Scopoletin demonstrates anti-fungal effects as well as anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory effects.

Noni helps stimulate the activity of the entire digestive process

Anthraquinones  from Noni help stimulate the activity of the entire digestive process, increasing much needed secretions, enzymes and bile flow. Anthraquinones are also effective for pain relief and as a supplement in numerous health conditions.

Noni is a bitter fruit rich in natural enzymes

Noni is a powerful, digestive, bitter fruit rich in natural enzymes. It stimulates the digestive tract and promotes all-around healthy digestion. This is one of the reasons that so many users feel positive results despite varied health issues. Enhanced digestion promotes better health, period!

Noni contains powerful anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-tumor and antihistamine properties

Noni juice has a very low PH of 3.4 to 3.8. It is acidic in nature, therefore, containing powerful anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-tumor and antihistamine properties. It is very effective in helping the body combat candida albicans and other yeast overgrowths. The alkaloids and other chemical compounds found in Noni have also proven to assist in combating infectious bacterial strains. Despite Noni’s low PH, its overall effect on the body is a balancing of PH. If you’re too acidic, it will help neutralize the acid, and if you’re too alkaline, it will help produce more acid. Having the proper acid alkaline ratio is very important to good health

Noni directly affects the body’s cells – It directly affects the body’s cells. It literally has the ability to open up the cell wall, allowing more nutrients to be absorbed into our cells, and more waste material to be removed from weak or damaged cells. It increases cellular activity, nutritional intake, waste removal and overall cellular health. This is another reason why Noni seems to help such a myriad of health complaints in all body types. It affects the body in a positive, nutritional way on a CELLULAR level no matter what the health issue or complaint may be.

Noni acts as a powerful catalyst- It acts as a powerful catalyst with whatever nutrient you combine it with. It increases the power, availability, and effects of all other nutrients. It improves absorption, function and overall results (this will be discussed further and in more depth in this newsletter… read on).

Noni has been used on the skin since ancient times for burns, abrasions, cuts, wounds and bruising. It enhances the healing process and helps to remove dead tissue quickly and safely so that new tissue may grow and flourish

Noni helps to strengthen and support the immune system- It helps to strengthen and support the immune system. Numerous health problems are associated with decreased T-cell function, such as a weakened immune system, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis, fibromyalgia, and all chronic viral infections including Epstein-Barr, Lupus, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. While Noni is not a “cure” for any disease, when combined with proper diet and lifestyle changes, it has been found to help support the body’s own ability to fight and overcome many serious health problems.

Health complaints historically helped by Noni

·  High Blood Pressure·  Arthritis·  Diabetes·  Circulatory Problems

·  Digestive Disorders

·  Immune Disorders

·  Allergies

·  Lung Conditions

·  Fatigue

·  Nervous System Disorders·  All Skin Conditions·  Headaches·  Obesity

·  Kidney & Bladder

·  Hormonal Imbalances

·  Inflammatory Conditions

·  Intestinal Parasites

·  Stomach Ulcers

·  Aging Problems·  Infections·  Emotional Disorders·  Depression

·  Insomnia

·  Pain (Emotional & Physical)

·  Heart Problems

·  Bowel Conditions

·  Candida …and many more


How can Noni possibly help all of the above conditions? It sounds like a miracle tonic! We have to understand that Noni itself is not a “cure-all,” but rather, the powerful properties of Noni (when combined with a complete nutritional building program that includes proper diet and lifestyle choices) help to support and stimulate the miraculous human body’s self healing process through:

  1. Cell regeneration
  2. Nutrient intake
  3. Cellular and intestinal detoxification
  4. Digestive support and repair
  5. Balancing of PH
  6. Catalyst effects
  7. Specific active compounds found in Noni.

When you understand the mechanics behind Noni, and how it benefits the entire human body on a cellular level, you understand that it can, in fact, help a plethora of health conditions and health complaints, when combined with proper diet and lifestyle choices.

Is all Noni created Equal?

You will hear:
No… powdered is the best!
No… juiced is the best!
No… Noni pulp is the best!
No… freeze-dried is the best!
No… xeronine loaded Noni is the best!
No… magical Noni with a special footprint is the best!
No… reconstituted Noni is the best!
No… Noni mixed with fruit juice is the best!
No… Hawaiian Noni is the best!
No… Tahitian Noni is the best!
No… fermented Noni is the best!
No… aged Noni is the best!
No… organic is the best!
No… wild harvested Noni is the best!”

NO… All Noni Is Not Created Equal
This sounds like a very bad political race right before election day doesn’t it? The bottom line is this… No, not all Noni juices are created equal.

Unfortunately, due to Noni’s increasing popularity and powerful benefits, there are many Noni companies on the market that have sprouted up, driven purely by sales and marketing… out to make quick dollars.

These types of companies are more interested in making money than making people feel better. The quality and integrity of the Noni is sacrificed, often resulting in inferior Noni juice, watered down Noni juice, diluted Noni juice, chemically preserved Noni juice, improperly fermented Noni juice, overly sweetened Noni juice, and various other methods of bottling and marketing Noni using the least expensive methods possible.

Many brands of Noni are so sweetened and diluted with fruit juices that by the time you fill your glass, the actual amount of pure Noni you are ingesting is minimal. Sure, it tastes pretty good… that’s because most of what you’re drinking is simply a combination of overly sweet juices like blueberry juice, grape juice, blackberry juice or a variety of any other very sweet juices.

IF YOU WANT THE BENEFITS OF NONI, MAKE SURE YOU’RE GETTING 100% NONI …add your own fruit juice if needed to enhance the taste, but know exactly how much NONI you are actually ingesting each time you take it therapeutically!

What is the BEST Noni juice?

The ancient Tahitians and other cultures have been harvesting Noni juice for thousands of years. They have an age-old process of fermenting raw, ripe Noni for several months, in its natural state, ending up with a powerful, pure, pungent, and highly concentrated liquid, bursting with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other powerful nutrients. This strong juice has nothing added, no preservatives, no sweeteners… just pure, unadulterated Noni, in its natural and most powerful state.

Genesis Today has continued this superior method of producing pure, unadulterated Noni juice in its most natural and most powerful state with  a 100% pure, aged, Noni juice that contains nothing else, no additives, no preservatives, no sweeteners, no added water, no dilution of any kind. Our Noni is produced from the mineral and nutrient rich volcanic soils of Tahiti, from the very best Noni farms in the South Pacific. It contains 32 ounces of robust tasting, full-strength Noni juice. Unlike many companies, Genesis Today does NOT add water or fruit juice to their Noni juice, a fairly common, money-saving practice that weakens and dilutes Noni strength and performance. All of the juice in Genesis Today’s Noni comes directly from the fruit with no additives whatsoever. Genesis Today leaves it up to the user to sweeten it or dilute it with their own fruit juice or water.

A Milestone Discovery
A leader in Noni technology, science and product innovation, Genesis Today proudly announces its newest Synergy Line of cutting edge Noni products, developed and formulated with powerful clinical results.

The concept behind Genesis Today’s new formulations are simple, yet brilliant! Noni as a “stand alone” product is, in and of itself, a powerful nutritional product that supports and improves both minor and major health conditions, but when you “take it a step further” and combine Noni with another important nutritional element such as Calcium for the bones, Echinacea and Vitamin C for the immune system, or Ginseng for energy, it also acts as a powerful catalyst, improving absorption, function and overall product results.

Genesis Today’s innovative new Noni products that combine the powerful health benefits of Noni, with nutritional ingredients used for specific purposes, are revolutionizing the natural supplement industry and without a doubt placing Genesis Today at the forefront of Noni technology, science, and product innovation. Because all of these powerful new formulas are liquid, they are easily digested, absorbed and assimilated into our bodies, assuring powerful.

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