HOW IT ALL BEGAN – Lynn’s road to Nutritionnutrition vtlady

by Lynn Hinderliter, CN., LDN

How it all began for me, that is!  I have had a number of people ask me how my interest in diet and health arose and what my credo is. And why Vitamin Lady.  That one’s easy – an early customer of mine used to call me that, and it tickled me so I made it my  car license plate – VTMNLDY.  Watch out for a red Camaro SS with that tag! nutrition

From the time I made my first herbal extract at the age of ten, some 60 years ago, Nutrition based healing has been my passion.

I believe that allopathic medicine has a very important part to play in our society, but I also feel that there are limits to what it can do. When you are the victim of an emergency, there can be no better place to turn: but when you are suffering the effects of some of the chronic problems that plague us all, then drug- oriented medicine lets us down. It isn’t a drug deficiency that causes disease! The reason drugs are not the whole answer isn’t far to seek: they do not address causes, nor do they adjust life styles. What they do is relieve symptoms, and often only temporarily. A sad fact apparent to anyone who reads the warnings that come with most of them, is that not only do they cause many undesirable side effects, but one of the side effects is usually the problem they are being taken to cure! Taken for long periods of time, drugs tend to drive the disease state deeper into the body, where it slyly develops, gradually involving other body systems and undermining health.  nutrition

Perhaps the saddest effect, however, is that belief in an all-healing  ‘magic bullet’ causes us to relinquish responsibility for our own
body’s well-being. We feel that it is not important to practice moderation in our diet, choose healthy foods, exercise and give up bad habits, because there is a pill out there that will take care of all our problems. However, we are also finding out that while these drugs keep our symptoms under control, they do not give us back our quality of life: we get out of breath climbing stairs, we get indigestion, headaches and constipation. We still feel tired all the time. Sometimes we end up taking more drugs to control the problem the first drug caused, and people are confused and disappointed.

There simply has to be a better way, I thought. nutrition

And I want to find out what it is, and share my discoveries with as many people as I can. nutrition

We can learn about our own bodies, and take care of them so that they do not need to reach the  “emergency” stage. We can also support them, so that they tolerate strong drugs better, recover from major illnesses better and, hopefully, don’t develop the ever more serious problems which need strong drugs. We can age with the quality of our lives intact, so that we enjoy truly Golden Years, mobile, intelligent and happy. This is what I want for myself, and this is what I would like to guide others to accomplish, using nutrition and holistic herbal and vitamin approaches as my tools. My dream is that when we go to the Doctor with a problem, he will run his diagnostic tests, and the day will dawn when he will say:” I don’t believe this warrants drug treatment at this time. I am sending you to a nutritionist for holistic advise, and I want you to come back in a month so I can check your progress.” nutrition

Imagine how wonderful this will be, how much suffering will be avoided, and how much money will be saved! I hope my beginning leads to this worthwhile end! nutrition

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