The Cow Share Program-access to your raw milk legally –

  • 2 quarts milk – I use whole.  In fact, I get my milk direct from the cow.
  • 1 cup non-instant, non-fat dry milk
  • Yoghurt culture
  • Probiotic capsules ( optional)

Scald the milk in a CLEAN saucepan.  (any bacteria anywhere during the process will cause the yoghurt not to set)

Scald means “bring just to boiling point”

Using a blender or egg-beater ( or following the principal used to make glue out of flour & water:  i.e., making a paste and then adding the rest of the liquid gradually) add the dry milk to the scalded milk.

Cool to blood temperature.  This is where a little run over your wrist from a spoon feels neither hot nor cold.

Add the required amount of culture.  I use Yogourmet, which for 2 quarts means 2 sachets.

  • At this point , if you want to spike the probiotic content,
    add also the capsule of pro-biotic of choice,  I use
    Jarrodophilus.  This is just to spike the probiotic content.

Pour into 2 CLEAN HOT quart jars.

Now you have several choices:

  • if you have a gas oven with a pilot light, perfect.

  • Or, you can plug a 40 watt bulb in to an extension cord, and run that in to the unlit electric oven

  • Or set a heating pad at low.

Whatever your choice, you are looking to maintain a low, steady temperature for anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.

  •  I wrap my jars in a towel, and set them on the heating pad.

  • Do not move them or expose them to light during this period.

  • When it is set, refrigerate.

Add any of the following, bran, flax, walnuts, or your own preserves.


Source of Yogourmet Starter (