Enjoy 20% off your order at Vitamin Lady At Middle Earth ®

Monday to receive 20% off your Order Every Monday and Wednesday at The Vitamin Lady®
Offer is only good on online purchases that are shipped to you. It does not apply to local purchases nor online purchases with local pickup.

Discount Mondays AND Wednesdays!

I am happy to announce I have added Wednesdays to my 20% discount day at  Vitamin Lady At Middle Earth®!  Your Wednesday just got a lot better because starting tomorrow, November 16th, 2016, every Wednesday you’ll receive a 20% off of your entire purchase of $99.00 or more! I am offering the 20% discount off of your total purchase price, in addition to all other rewards and discounts. This promotional program will continue until further notice. This offer is good in my online store at http://shop.vitaminlady.com  The offer is not good for phone orders or for walk ins to the actual store.  Happy Shopping! 

Every Monday & Wednesday!

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