What to Know About Herbal Health Cures

By: Cindy Mitchell

With more emphasis today on herbal and natural health, more people than ever before are finding all natural remedies. When used properly, herbal health cures offer users an alternative to using prescription drugs that can have serious side effects.

Herbal remedies offer a safe alternative, as well as, a less costly alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and many of the herbal health cures can be grown right in your very own backyard.

A mere 40 years ago, doctors suggested herbal remedies over traditional medicines. Unfortunately, science has continued to create and develop pharmaceuticals to help alleviate pain and other symptoms of a myriad of medical conditions.

Often, the side effects far outweigh the actual condition itself. For this reason, many are turning to alternative treatments for their conditions and using herbal remedies first, before they go to the doctor.

Sadly, many of the medical authorities are discouraging when it comes to suggesting that you use herbal remedies. They instead want to rely only on pharmaceuticals.

However, herbal remedies have proven time and again that they offer fewer side effects and when there are side effects, these side effects are far less serious than those of pharmaceuticals.

Any drug, prescription or otherwise, can cause harm. Herbs, on the other hand, rarely lead to serious harm when taken in larger doses or in alternative forms.

In recent AAPCC studies, there were 1756 accidental poisoning deaths due to pharmaceuticals and zero deaths reported due to herbal health cures.

Herbal health cures will, in the long run, prevent accidental overdoses and help to reduce side effects from medicinal properties.

Every day more side effects are cropping up due to pharmaceuticals. Many drugs are being taken off the market in an effort to reduce dangerous side effects. You won’t hear that regarding the herbal health cures. In fact, you’ll hear how they work with your body and your system to help ease and heal your body from within.

Herbal cures don’t work overnight, but then, you didn’t become ill overnight either. Herbal cures work to restore your body to its natural balance. In many cases, this can take several weeks to several months.

Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, work to just stop symptoms or cover them up. It’s far superior to restore the body to its natural state in lieu of simply existing and covering up the symptoms.

Good examples of herbal cures verse pharmaceuticals are willow bark that is used to treat headaches, aspirin is the pharmaceutical “go-to” remedy. Both relieve pain but the herbal remedy doesn’t have any of the dangerous side effects of aspirin.

As more people become aware of how gently herbal cures work with the body, more are turning from pharmaceuticals. Keep in mind however that one should always tell their doctor of all herbal cures that they are taking as many will interact with pharmaceuticals and create a toxic reaction in the body. Always start herbal cures at the lowest possible treatment dose.

References: Mike Johnson is a successful businessman that maintains a website dedicated to herbal health treatments, http://herbpower.org/