In fact Tribulus’ benefit to the hormonal system is due to its action on the liver.  The liver is a major synthesizer of hormones. The hormones are synthesized from cholesterol (a product of the liver) Tribulus has a stimulating and detoxifying effect on the liver, exerting and major influence on cholesterol and other products of the liver. In the typical western diet an abundance of fats and sugars puts enormous strain on the liver which cannot break them down efficiently. The excessive stress we live with today places extra strain on the liver. Both these influences contribute to the accumulation of fats in the body. Poor liver function is one reason some people have difficulty losing weight.

Tribulus, in stimulating the liver, assists in the breakdown of fats into essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids are the building blocks of hormones, and fat soluble vitamins are used used by the body in the manufacture of hormone-like compounds. It is through this action that Tribulus has such great benefit for the endocrine (or hormonal) system of both men and women. Tribulus is a non-hormonal dietary supplement because the herb does not contain any of the three major hormonal compounds – oestrogen. progesterone or testosterone. It does have a phyto-hormone action, improving the hormone status, without having a direct hormonal influence.

Clinical studies on Tribulus demonstrated increased concentrations of estradiol in women there by improving ovulation, reproductive function, and libido. Studies show that while hormone levels are increased, they are never over stimulated (because the Tribulus does not contain any hormonal compounds). This feature of Tribulus makes it especially valuable because it promotes balance in the body. In this way Tribulus is unlike anabolic steroids which firstly stimulate, then over-stimulate, hormones.

The great benefit of assisting a return to balance for women with premenstrual or menopausal symptoms is that these symptoms are indicative of imbalance in the system. When the hormonal system is nourished to balance, symptoms of imbalance disappear. For men clinical studies demonstrate improved testosterone levels, increased sperm production and improved reproductive functions. In men, as with women, the hormonal system is nourished to a point of balance, and is not over stimulated.

Revolutionary Herb
Tribulus Terrestris, commonly known as "Puncture Vine" or Caltrop fruit, is a herb that has been used for centuries in Europe for hormone insufficiency in men and women. It has been used in the treatment of liver, kidney and urinary tract disease, and all types of skin disorders by Chinese herbalists.

Tribulus Terrestris is the closest and strongest natural herbal alternative to synthetic anabolic hormones. This non-hormonal dietary supplement has been used by athletic, sporting and weightlifting teams around the world in the past ten years with apparent great effectiveness.

When scientists begun studying the remarkable curative power of Tribulus Terrestris, they discovered that it significantly improves the body's production of several hormones: Testosterone; Luteinizing Hormone (LH is a gonad stimulating hormone produced by the pituitary gland); Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH); and Estradiol.

Clinical studies on Tribulus, conducted at the Chemical Pharmaceutical Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria, showed improved reproductive functions, including improved sperm production and testosterone levels in men.

Tribulus has been found to stimulate the production of the hormones Testosterone, Progesterone and Estrogen only to the normal levels of healthy men and women.

Among women, Tribulus increased the concentration of hormones including estradiol, with testosterone being very slightly influenced, thereby improving reproductive function, libido and ovulation.

Clinically documented benefits include:
Growth hormone regulation via HPA axis
Intensification of protein synthesis (anabolic)
Male and female infertility
Erectile dysfunction
Libido enhancing
A significant benefit of Tribulus is the stimulation of hormone production to a balanced level, without over-stimulating the secretion of hormones.

The fruit and root of the Tribulus contains pharmacologically important metabolites like phytosteriods, flavonoids, alkaloids and glycosides. These active components have a stimulating effect on the immune, sexual and reproductive systems, with improved muscle building, stamina and endurance. Other positive changes observed in a number of cases were a reduction in cholesterol, enhanced mood and well-being. Tribulus exhibits a mild diuretic effect.

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