Vitamin Lady At Middle Earth® Price Match Policy

Price Matching

With Vitamin Lady At Middle Earth® Price Match Policy, I make my best effort to provide the highest quality nutritional supplement products in the industry. I receive discounts from suppliers and pass that savings onto my customers. I believe my overall prices are the best. I am a small Midwest company that feeds the backbone of America, along with thousands of other small businesses across the country. I ask for your support as I try to provide you with the best in quality and service. If there is a lower price on a specific item, I will do my best to match it.


I may not be able to price match clearance or special discounted items offered by competitors due to approaching expiration dates or overstock of those competitors product.

I cannot match a price that is equal to or below my cost. I cannot match below manufactures MAP price. I am  under contract with some of my suppliers to maintain pricing they have established. Any price matching will negate any other offers of discounts for free shipping.

Requesting A Price Match

If you would like to request a price match, please email my item number and the item name along with the URL for the price you would like matched and I will get back to you as soon as possible.